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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have in-house financing?
No.  However, Shelby Elliott’s Used Trucks does have a network of lenders and finance institutions that enable us to work with everyone with the worst of credit, including bankruptcy, to the best of credit.  Give us a call and let us see how we can help you.

Who do I talk to when I call?
At Shelby’s we work as a team.  Nobody is paid on commission so that when you call, if a certain person is not available, you will still be helped and don’t have to worry about everyone’s unique work schedule.

You have the truck I want but I am trying to get financing; how do I make sure I don’t miss out on the deal?
Call us!  If we accept a down payment via wire transfer, cash, or cashier’s check, we will NOT sell the truck out from under you.  We work hard to put you in the ideal truck for you but it is very common to have multiple buyers for the same truck.  The easiest method to be fair to all is that the first one with the money can buy the truck.  Typically, a $1,000 down payment will ensure that the truck is secure for 3 business days.  We will work with special circumstances if you let us know.

What forms of payment do we accept?
Shelby Elliott’s only accepts wire transfers, cashier’s checks, and cash for payment on our inventory.  We do not process credit cards or accept personal/company checks.  It is also important that you know the difference between money orders and cashier’s checks.  We do not accept money orders.  They are not the same as a cashier’s check.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us.

What kind of trucks do you sell?
Shelby is known across the United States and beyond as the largest source of used big bunk trucks.  Occasionally a customer will trade in a conventional truck or a trailer and these will show up in our inventory.  Typically however, we will have the largest selection of used Peterbilt, Kenworth, Western Star, and Freightliner big bunk trucks you can find anywhere.

Do you take trade-ins?
Yes, we do.  If we can put a value on it, we will try to incorporate it into a deal so that you have the best chance of succeeding in purchasing your new truck.  Call us and let us know what you have!

Do you buy used trucks?
Yes, we do.  Please give us a call and let us know what you have.  You can also begin the process by filling out the form under Inventory on our website.

What kind of inspection do your trucks go through?
ALL trucks that Shelby deals with, whether buying or selling get the following:          

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