The Best Place to Work Ever!

  Roy LeBlanc
If there ever was an ace in the hole, Roy is the man!
He works Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for those who
MUST talk to him.  And that is  understandable!  He is a nice guy!
Sheila Parmenter
The voice you hear when you call?  Yes maam!
That is Sheila.  Again, one of the most helpful persons
you can find and if she can't help you, she will make sure 
someone else does! Sheila's alias? - Shirley Pimento!!!

Lonnie Cook
Whether it's taking your call, taking you for a test drive, working 
in the office, or picking up a truck across the country,
Lonnie helps take care of all the odd things and even the
things that aren't so odd!
Timmy Stone
Truck driver, mechanic, family man, dog whisperer, the list
goes on and on.  Timmy is one of the nicest shop
mechanics and all around workers you can find, and
yes, he works for Shelby!
Shelby Elliott
He's a legend!  If you have ever wanted a big bunk, or a large car
with the legendary big power, Shelby has sold it!  There is simply
not another dealer who cares about his trucks as much as
Shelby.  Come see us today and say hi!
Connie Elliott
Shelby's sidekick; his right hand and business partner.  Connie
knows as much about the business as anyone.  She
is what keeps everything on track and in shape.
Come meet her and you will see!