Credit Application


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to assist you in purchasing your new truck.  The credit application below can be downloaded to your PC by clicking "Download" in Step 1.  From there you can easily fill out the application on your PC using a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.

Step 1:  Click DOWNLOAD and choose either Open or Save
Step 2:  Fill out the credit application as completely as possible. The Balance Sheet on Page 2 is critical!
Step 3:  Print out page 1 and 2.  Pages 3 and 4 are for your informational purposes
Step 4:  Sign page 2
Step 5:  Email, fax or mail page 1 and 2
Step 6:  Make a clear copy of your CDL and email, fax or mail to us.  The easiest method is 
               to use a smartphone, take a picture and email or send it to Shelby's Cell.

Feel free to confirm that we received your credit application and CDL by emailing us or calling us.

NOTE: it is very common for the finance institutions to request  the last 3 months of bank statements and the first 7 pages of last years taxes.  While we don't require this up front, if your credit rating has taken a hit due to the recent recession, you can speed up the process involved in obtaining financing by having this information available as soon as possible.